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15 Jan

what is linkedin

LinkedIn is a great Professional Networking website. As a recruiter, I have been asked by a lot of people “I never get headhunted, what am I doing wrong?” I always tell them what I was told when I started in the industry: good people don’t have to search for jobs, jobs come to them. The Golden rule in the headhunting industry is if they can’t find you – they won’t hire you.

LinkedIn is the key to your online identification and LinkedIn profiles rise to the top of search results making it easier for recruiters/headhunters to find you. It is great for building up your network by connecting with current and past colleagues and exploring career opportunities. It is an intelligent investment of your time which can get you a lot of traction from potential employers.

Recruiters constantly mine the internet to hunt for great talent. Nearly all recruiters use LinkedIn. It is a source of “free database” for them not just for sourcing active candidates but also passive candidates. Now what that means for you?

If you are actively looking for work – you are an active candidate. If you aren’t necessarily looking for work, but may be interested if the right job comes along – you are a passive candidate. And, when passive gets converted to active – you get headhunted.

LinkedIn Recommendations are like icing on the cake. They sure are enticing, make your profile look sweet and create an urge for recruiter to go through your profile. So, the more the merrier.

These are all tried and tested tips coming straight from a recruiter who herself got headhunted for her dream job. Please feel free to drop me a line below should you have any questions.


A Love letter from Penny to Quarter

13 Jan

Dear Quarter

Through this letter I want to express my love for you. Before you decide to accept or reject my proposal I would like to share with you my past and present. I am sure your future will be same as mine.

I will start by telling you about my past.Few years back these human beings used to treat me like a princess, they used to rejoice and celebrate when they would pick me up from the street. I remember the time when People would go hunting on the streets looking for their lost penny. Not only that, I used to be soul of piggy banks. Ah! those were my golden days :)

Love is Blind

Love is Blind

Let me walk you through my present. As you know things are not the same anymore and my life has become miserable now. The worst part is I can’t even blame gridlock in Congress or Iran for that. Now a days no one picks me up from street unless I am lying with you. Without you my life is incomplete. Now that I have told you about my past and present I sincerely ask you to accept my proposal and be with me forever.

Love Always



World: When Everything Gets Automated

7 Jan

Let me take you to a world where everything will be automated.


Believe it or not this is how your day will look like:

  1. 7 a.m: As you start doing your things in restroom, your Facebook and Twitter  status will automatically keep on updating by dozens of cameras in your house. It will read like this: Reducing weight by dumping…, making too much noise…, Pollution level breached!!!
  2. 8 a.m: AH! Forget the driving stress. Just Relax and sit back in your car. It will fly automatically and take you to your office. Please do not curse anyone while relaxing in car as mind detectors are constantly updating your Facebook status. Hopefully your Facebook status is not: “My Colleague “..” Sucks“.
  3. 9 a.m Inside office: Hmm..no excuse for coming late as lie detectors around you will beep. Hopefully your Facebook status is not: “Caught again..101 times caught lying this month..It is a new record..Congrats…“.
  4. 5 p.m: Time to take off from work. Do not forget to send a message to Robots at home so that they can start making dinner for you. At this point your Facebook status will be: “Thank God..Survived Another Day
  5. All night long Dreams: Before sleeping you will decide what kind of dreams you want. Computer Chips will keep working all night long to make sure all your dreams are being filled.

Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

1 Nov

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Happy Halloween! I know we promised the recipe for the Cuban black beans and rice, but we’re not going to post that today. That’s the trick. But don’t worry, we have a treat in store instead – Pumpkin French Toast with Apple Cider Syrup. And yes, this latest challenger for our French Toast Madness, is as good as it sounds.

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Fall magic

1 Nov

“I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air.” ~~Nathaniel Hawthorne










Changing the Gun laws

25 Jul

After deadly shooting in Colorado everyone is talking about changing gun laws. Will it be changed? Probably not but I decided to post some solutions for it.

a)  Not Popular but one solution is to allow very few private citizens from holding Guns. The problem with this solution is people who have guns may not like it, and then people also start talking about their own safety. No doubt guns can protect someone from intruders.

b)  With technology so advanced may be this is the time to design guns that will only work within a mile of your home. If you want to take gun out of 1 mile range you would need special permission every time. A small chip on gun that can read your coordinates will do it.

c)  Another idea could be to design guns that will lock themselves if more than 3-4 shots have been fired with in a particular time interval. May be this can reduce casualties.

I am sure we can have better solutions than this but I think some action must be taken now.

Immigration Reform: Legal + Illegal = Deadlock

14 Jun

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear word: “DEADLOCK” Is Congress. It is very unfortunate but we have to live with it. Everyone has a different opinion on immigration. Some people think Immigrants come here to take their job while other believes immigration is foundation of our economy. While there is no doubt that some of the top fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants, you may wonder then how can our immigration system be broken.

Well just like technology, some laws should change with time. It is easy to understand with an example. If an immigrant does his “Masters” degree from here and gets a job, then that immigrant can stay here only for 6 years. The company can file a green card for that immigrant but it may take an immigrant well over 10 years to finally get a green card. Well during these 10 years if an immigrant loses his job then they have to return back to their home country. Fair enough what’s the problem here? Well, that means an immigrant is unstable for almost 15 years. During this time an immigrant may make lot of money but do not expect them to invest here, they will not buy a home because if the loose job they have to leave country in 2-3 weeks. Even if they have money to open a new business they won’t take any risk. They are better off in saving money and if things did not work out then they can use money to open business in their home country. Less number of new businesses means fewer jobs, less innovation.

Apart from this top brain from all over world has stopped coming here. Eventually this would mean more outsourcing and more trouble here. Everyone in Congress understands this. Will they take any action? Honestly, I do not see any action from Congress as right now everyone is worried about elections. They are more worried about making illegals legal as they can get votes rather than doing something for immigrants who came here legally.


11 Jun

Here are some very commonly asked questions in a .NET/SQL Interview..

Q: What is CLR?
Answer: The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is the virtual machine component of Microsoft’s .NET framework and is responsible for managing the execution of .NET programs. In a process known as just-in-time (JIT)compilation, the CLR compiles the intermediate language code into the machine instructions that in turn are executed by the computer’s CPU.

Q: What are lambda expressions?

Answer: Let us start by an example:

delegate int del(int i);

static void Main(string[] args)


del myDelegate = x => x * x;

int j = myDelegate(5); //j = 25


The left side of the lambda operator (=>) specifies the input parameters (if any) and the right side holds the expression or statement block. The lambda expression x => x * x is read “x goes to x times x.”

Q:What is the difference between hashtable and Dictionary?

Answer: Dictionary is a generic type, Hashtable is not. So, you get type safety with Dictionary, because you can’t insert any random object into it, and you don’t have to cast the values you   take out. Hashtable is thread safe for use by multiple reader threads and a single writing thread, while in Dictionary public static members are thread safe, but any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

Q: Describe cycles in a ASP.NET Page life

Answer:  To answer this question Please read the following link:


Q: Is String a Value Type of Reference Type?

Answer: String is a reference type.

Q: IN SSIS Packages What are variables and what is variable scope?

Answer:  A variable is used to store values. There are basically two types of variables, System Variable (like ErrorCode, ErrorDescription, PackageName etc) whose values you can use but cannot change and User Variable which you create, assign values and read as needed. A variable can hold a value of the data type you have chosen when you defined the variable. Variables can have a different scope depending on where it was defined. For example you can have package level variables which are accessible to all the tasks in the package and there could also be container level variables which are accessible only to those tasks that are within the container.

Q: What is the use of Sequence Containers in SSIS Packages?

Answer: Using Sequence Containers lets you handle the control flow in more detail, without having to manage individual tasks and containers. For example, you can set the Disable property of the Sequence container to True to disable all the tasks and containers in the Sequence container.

If a package has many tasks then it is easier to group the tasks in Sequence Containers and you can collapse and expand Sequence Containers.

Q: What does NullIF expression in SQL do?

Answer: NULLIF returns the first expression if the two expressions are not equal. If the expressions are equal, NULLIF returns a null value of the type of the first expression.

NULLIF ( expression1 , expression2 )


Thanks for reading my post. If you would like me to post more questions please comment in the section below.

7 Jun

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Photo of the Day – June 7, 2012

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.
~ Victor Hugo

The One,” Hillsboro, Oregon

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Will this be my first Freshly Pressed post?

6 Jun

I started using WordPress.com 3 months ago. Here are top 5 reasons why this blog should be Freshly Pressed:

  • NO OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE:  I am expressing myself in simple plain respectful language.No Offensive Language Please
  • UNIQUE: No one has ever claimed that their blog deserves to be in Freshly Pressed. Through this post I am doing it for the first time. It is Unique..
  • Visual Appealing: I was thinking of posting my image but then I realized we need to make it visually appealing.
  • Add Tags:  Only one Tag and millions of people can easily find it:  # Freshly Pressed
  • Typo-Free Content: Thanks to Word Press for making this content Error free.WordPress Error Check

Whoohoo…you will soon read this post in “Freshly Pressed”  Section.


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