Healthy-living reminder (and note to self): walk. Walk. WALK!

6 Jun

Teresa Young

Yep, in concert with the yin and yang of all things, the minute I write about something like I’ve got it handled, the endless balancing act that is modern life tips a bit too far in some direction and suddenly I don’t! So then what does one do? Simple: begin again. And by the way, your form matters!

In addition to the “proper walking techniques” in the accompanying image (thanks to the Mayo Foundation), don’t coast along in your habitual walking style, with your mind driving your body around like a car, mentally just getting through the physical exercise ’til it’s over while thinking of everything you need to do after. Get your consciousness down into your body: engage your thighs and butt muscles and make sure they’re working as the engine that’s propelling you forward. Keep your knees flexed and stay light on your feet. Feel your…

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