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Fall magic

1 Nov

“I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air.” ~~Nathaniel Hawthorne










Two most colorful festivals

1 Jun HOLI

Are you ready to celebrate two most colorful festivals in the world:

  1. La Tomatina in Buñol, Spain celebrated during the last Wednesday in August.The world’s largest food fight. Each year some 30,000 people (including locals and many visitors) fill this town’s main square to hurl locally grown tomatoes at each other.  La Tomatina is a week-long festival featuring music, parades, dancing, fireworks, and a paella-cooking contest the night before the big fight.

Rules of the Fight:

A cannon is fired to signal the beginning and end of the tomato-throwing. According to the official La Tomatina website, there are just five rules:

  • You must not bring bottles or other objects that could cause an accident or injury.
  • You must not tear or throw t-shirts.
  • To avoid hurting people, you must squish tomatoes before they are thrown.
  • You must be careful around any trucks or vans.
  • After hearing the second shot, you must stop throwing tomatoes

La Tomatina

La Tomatina

La Tomatina

 2.   Holi:

Holi is a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus. Holi is also called ‘The Festival of Colours’, and people celebrate the festival by smearing each other with paint, and throwing coloured powder and dye around in an atmosphere of great good humor.

Rules of the Fight:

No Rules, just have fun..




So, if you get a chance do not miss out on these festivals. If you like my post please post comments in the section below.


20 May

Things to do in Las Vegas:

    Las Vegas
    VenetianThese are said to be the replicas of famous 17th & 18th century Renaissance artists Tiepolo, Rici, Pellogrini, and Bambino. The floor is the exact replica of the Church of Gesuiti of Venice built in 1728.
    Bellagio Fountains The fountains put on their show — wonderfully timed to music choreography.
    TowerA signature of the Las Vegas skyline, the replica Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas is a half-scale exact reproduction of one of Europe’s most famous landmarks.
    Newyork HotelBridgeNew York New York Hotel and Casino replicates New York’s skyline and its most famous landmarks.
    MGM CasinoLion Habitat MGM If you’re around the MGM Grand, you may find a visit to the Lion Habitat right up your street!
    StratosphereStratosphere RidesTower is the tallest observation tower, and the 9th tallest freestanding structure, in the United States, as well as being the tallest structure in Las Vegas.The top of the tower has two observation decks, a restaurant known as “Top of the World” (revolving restaurant), and four thrill rides:
  8. LUXOR:
    LUXOR This hotel is shaped like a pyramid. It has a sphinx outside which is huge! Take some time to have a look around this Egyptian themed hotel and casino.
    Cirque_du_soleliHere’s their website to describe the show & get tickets:
    Grand Canyon It is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. You can drive or take a tour from Las Vegas.
    Fremont Street downtownThe most obvious and largest part of the Fremont Street Experience is the Viva Vision canopy and light show. The canopy towers 90 feet above the ground and spans the length of five football fields. Featuring more than 12 million LED modules and 555,000-watt sound system, the light show attracts tourists and locals alike.

Planning a Trip to New Orleans

22 Apr

"New Orleans"

We recently did a road trip to New Orleans. So, for you’all amazing folks out there searching for info here are some real Quick facts:

  • New Orleans is a major US port famous for its “French Creole Architecture.”
  • Also popularly known as the birthplace of Jazz music and for the celebration of annual Mardi Gras. Needless to say, the people are nice and friendly – cheers to the southern hospitality 🙂

Things to do in New Orleans:

  • The Jackson Square 

Visit here for the Architecture, lively chaos, The artists, restaurants, museums and local markets. Don’t forget to carry your flip-flops or comfortable flats because it is a LONG stroll.

St Louis Cathedral is nested in the heart of Jackson Square. Outside you will see..Horse drawn fancy carriages. Come as you are, do what you love seems to be the mindset here.

"Jackson square"

Local artists and musicians, street painters, local markets and french architecture makes the atmosphere very historic

  • Indulge in French Coffee – Do visit Cafe du Monde 
"Cafe Du Monde"

Across the street from St Louis Cathedral – Cafe Du Monde is open 24 hours!! Check-in here for an awesome French doughnuts & coffee experience. Yes, they are high cal but I tell ya, they are so freaking worth it!!

"French Coffee"

  •  Bourbon Street 

For Nightlife, check out the Bourbon Street for the quirky bars and pubs it has to offer. Despite the As-is No frills state – Bourbon attracts truck loads of visitors from all over the world!

The Bars are alive day and night.You can walk with your drink up and down the street 😉

"Bourbon Street"

And.. I wasn’t joking when I said ..”quirky bars” te he 

"Bourbon Street bars"

  • The StreetCars
These cute little trains take your mind back to a time when life was slower and more tranquil and they sure are the cheapest transportation in town

"Streetcars" "New Orleans" "New orleans street cars"

  • French Quarter & Markets 
"French Quarter"

The Golden Bronze Statue of St. Joan of Arc in the French Quarter on Decatur Street

"French Quarter"
"french market"
The oldest french market in United States…It will be your best bargain friend in case you want to bring home some Mardi Gras carnival masks as NOLA souvenirs
  •  Harrah’s Casino 
We thought it was okay to be naughty on vacation so we did check in here to try our luck! 😉
"Harrah's casino"
Oh boy, those interiors are really fancy. Once you step inside, you will feel no less than Vegas!
 "Harrah's casino"
 "harrah's casino"
More NOLA photos here “New Orleans”

Zilker Flower Festival – A Taste of Spring!

2 Apr

Spring is blooming like a speeded-up Nature film and I totally love it! It is a “everyone’s invited” Nature’s open air theater after all. Don’t ya’ll love that. Well, I certainly enjoy it from the core of my heart 🙂 Austin is on a major makeover for sure, both Personal and Professional. It has recently attracted companies such as Facebook, Apple and Google because of the current “Tax Climate” it offers. Twitter was also founded right here in the greatly popular #SXSW (South by SouthWest) home of America – Austin!

Zilker Park is a major local attraction. Zilker Botanical Garden located in heart of the Park hosted the Annual Spring Festival this weekend (Saturday the 31st March 2012 – April  1st 2012) and I am glad I Tagged it! There was something for everyone – Flowers, Activities for Kids, Live Music, Gardening talks from seasoned Gardeners and Austin’s tasty food!! Here are some beautiful shots from the show: 

Dazzling Bright Orange Blooms

Hinkley's yellow Columbine

Oh, Forgot what this is called 😉

On way to Taniguchi Japanese Garden

More Photos here: Zilker Flower Festival

Now for the “Keep Austin Weird” side of the show 😉 Some interesting things that captured my attention

*Oh hello cutie you are crazy cute*

*And YOU ..are Wicked Cute too!*

Creativity at its best!

'Nuff said! Be a LongHorn and Keep Austin Weird 😉

Zilker Flower Festival

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