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26 Apr "Politics is a funny game"


It is all about seat

The complexities of political system, mindset of politicians and downgrading of countries have always puzzled my tiny innocent brain 🙂 When I was growing up, I was always told that country comes first therefore I am having a hard time understanding the concept of politicians spending their whole time thinking about elections, winning a seat and NOT about country and economy.


Every day I somehow feel the pressure of a slowing economy, Wall Street Blunders and Congress Failure!! Everyday I ask myself: Is it my fault that I elected these politicians?? For months and months politicians will criticize each other and then one day I will wake up, flip the newspaper and see this –

We are best friends

Thank GOD I am not one of them.



Zilker Flower Festival – A Taste of Spring!

2 Apr

Spring is blooming like a speeded-up Nature film and I totally love it! It is a “everyone’s invited” Nature’s open air theater after all. Don’t ya’ll love that. Well, I certainly enjoy it from the core of my heart 🙂 Austin is on a major makeover for sure, both Personal and Professional. It has recently attracted companies such as Facebook, Apple and Google because of the current “Tax Climate” it offers. Twitter was also founded right here in the greatly popular #SXSW (South by SouthWest) home of America – Austin!

Zilker Park is a major local attraction. Zilker Botanical Garden located in heart of the Park hosted the Annual Spring Festival this weekend (Saturday the 31st March 2012 – April  1st 2012) and I am glad I Tagged it! There was something for everyone – Flowers, Activities for Kids, Live Music, Gardening talks from seasoned Gardeners and Austin’s tasty food!! Here are some beautiful shots from the show: 

Dazzling Bright Orange Blooms

Hinkley's yellow Columbine

Oh, Forgot what this is called 😉

On way to Taniguchi Japanese Garden

More Photos here: Zilker Flower Festival

Now for the “Keep Austin Weird” side of the show 😉 Some interesting things that captured my attention

*Oh hello cutie you are crazy cute*

*And YOU ..are Wicked Cute too!*

Creativity at its best!

'Nuff said! Be a LongHorn and Keep Austin Weird 😉

Zilker Flower Festival

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