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Social Media Basics

2 May

  • Are you new to the Social Media space?
  • Small Business Owner? Don’t know much about Social Media?
  • What is Social Media after-all? ūüė¶

You are not alone. There are a lot of people out there who want to know the bare basics. So, here is a simplistic overview to get you started:

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are the most commonly used Social Media platforms for Networking and connecting with people and spreading awareness about a Business, Brand or yourself. 

Basic Overview and why you should use them: 

"Social Media for dummies" "Social Media Explained" Social Media Graphically"

Social Media isn’t rocket science! Trust me, once you start fiddling with these networking websites you will understand what I mean. It’s all FREE – All you need to do is grasp an idea of they can do for you and let them do their magic and promote yourself or your brand. One thing you should always remember though is “once you post something online, it stays online.” So, be careful about what and how you post. Please feel free to reach out via comments should you have any questions or need help on getting social ūüėČ

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Twitter Basics

1 Mar

Twitter is the best way to share information – both personal and professional and discover what’s trending in the world right now!

  • ¬†Signing up will quickly send a confirmation email to your email id and once you confirm that you will be taken to a welcome “Follow Freely” where you will be asked to follow 5 people for getting started. Just press follow button¬†against¬†people you would like to follow
  • Once you start following people – you will start getting their Tweets in your twitter¬†feed (notice arrow pointer)
  • Start¬†interacting with¬†your followers by posting tweets
  • Click the Retweet¬†(RT) button – to give someone a shout out in the public should you like their share/post/idea! Everyone loves a RT!
  • @UserName in the beginning of a tweet is used for Replies¬†e.g. @consultpri thank you for explaining twitter basics¬†

  • @UserName in the middle of a sentence denotes a Mention e.g. so glad to have landed on @consultpri’s blog¬†

  • The # symbol (Hashtag) – a super sweet little goodie that makes your tweet publicly searchable. It is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Example – Thank You¬†@consultpri for explaining Twitter ¬†#twitterbasics
  • #FF – instant magic tablet that will increase your Twitter metabolism! e.g. posting a tweet: #FF @consultpri @Twitter @LinkedIn @Facebook would mean these people are an interesting bunch ¬†and you should follow them. #FF literally means followfriday
  • If you want to say the above social media folks are worth following – you can simply say¬†#FF @consultpri @Twitter @LinkedIn @Facebook #socialmedia

  • DM or Direct Message – should you want to engage with someone and keep it private e.g business ideas, job inquiries etc. P.S. you can only DM people once they follow you back¬†
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