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Twitter Basics

1 Mar

Twitter is the best way to share information – both personal and professional and discover what’s trending in the world right now!

  •  Signing up will quickly send a confirmation email to your email id and once you confirm that you will be taken to a welcome “Follow Freely” where you will be asked to follow 5 people for getting started. Just press follow button against people you would like to follow
  • Once you start following people – you will start getting their Tweets in your twitter feed (notice arrow pointer)
  • Start interacting with your followers by posting tweets
  • Click the Retweet (RT) button – to give someone a shout out in the public should you like their share/post/idea! Everyone loves a RT!
  • @UserName in the beginning of a tweet is used for Replies e.g. @consultpri thank you for explaining twitter basics 

  • @UserName in the middle of a sentence denotes a Mention e.g. so glad to have landed on @consultpri’s blog 

  • The # symbol (Hashtag) – a super sweet little goodie that makes your tweet publicly searchable. It is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. Example – Thank You @consultpri for explaining Twitter  #twitterbasics
  • #FF – instant magic tablet that will increase your Twitter metabolism! e.g. posting a tweet: #FF @consultpri @Twitter @LinkedIn @Facebook would mean these people are an interesting bunch  and you should follow them. #FF literally means followfriday
  • If you want to say the above social media folks are worth following – you can simply say #FF @consultpri @Twitter @LinkedIn @Facebook #socialmedia

  • DM or Direct Message – should you want to engage with someone and keep it private e.g business ideas, job inquiries etc. P.S. you can only DM people once they follow you back 
  • Like what you are reading now – click the tweet button below
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